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Custom Business Signs
Below- want something cheerful for Dog Lovers, breeders or vets. Express
your ideas and it can be made.
My e-mail is:

Below-- is construction of a new sign
In the Past, ideas for signs were sketched out on a piece of paper, and then
made after getting an OK, but now not only can I give you a close idea of what your
sign  will look like when finished, but also what it will look like where it is going to be
placed or constructed. This is a big advantage if you are counting on it to project
your business in a theme that will stand out from all others. This helps you to be
sure before you commit.
First is the site where the new sign
is going to be placed. (below)
Below is a computerized image of a sign for a customer
according to their ideas and my interpretation.
It was placed on site so we might get an idea of what
the actual sign may look like before construction.
First it was decided to move the bears to make more
room for the new sign.
Second the actual carving of the outside edges was liked
so much that it was decided not to cover then, but to put
the grapes on top and bottom.
Third-The sign was placed higher to allow for landscaping,
look below and see the final product below.

My e-mail is:

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